Friday, October 3, 2008

Razor Family Farms

Razor Family Farms

I think I've found my new "favorite" I need another one to read.....! Full of good recipes (for food and cleaning stuff!) and written with an inate sense of humor that makes me smile, I've found it difficult to stop reading. This Country Lass and her husband are living "the simple life" David and I dropped out for......

I'd love to spend the rest of this morning catching up on all her posts to date....but, alas, there is a bathroom upstairs requiring several coats of paint before its floor can be poly' instead of finishing off that pot of coffee, I must tear myself away.

Check her out....

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  1. Thank you! What a wonderful compliment! I can't tell you how delighted I am!

    Am writing from Statesboro, GA this weekend (found a computer) for the Special Olympics Fall Games. Bocce rocks!!! Anyway, I am a volunteer.

    What a terrific surprise to find your post!

    Blessings and many thanks!


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