Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Email.....

Five years ago today I got an email that changed our lives. Five years ago today I kept that email a secret from my husband for a little more than 24 hours. Because I didn't want to even think about it.....little did I know that I would remember that email for ever!

In late October of 2003, David and I had put in an offer on a two story Florida Cracker home that had been built in 1890; it came with a little more then two acres and a pool. The foundation of the old summer kitchen and the old barns were still visable and caused visions of treasure hunting to dance in my head.

These photos were taken in May 2008 - the third (or maybe fourth) buyer since our 2003 offer was refused had finally made some progress on the restoration of the home. The whereabouts of our original 2003 photos is unknown.

Our offer for that house had gone to the seller along with two others...from investors who lived up north. We had a house to sell and neither of the others did. Despite our full price offer, the seller went into contract with somebody else and broke my heart. And on the day before Thanksgiving 2003, it was still broken.

So, I didn't want to get that email from the agent working for us down here. I didn't want to even think about another house at the moment....there was slight chance that the purchase of the Cracker House would fall through and if it did, we could maybe, just maybe, buy that old house with all of its history waiting to be re-discovered.

And so, I didn't tell David about that email until it somehow slipped out during our Thanksgiving meal the next day. I cringed a little as I saw his eyes light up at the news. I didn't want another heartbreak.....still I reluctantly nodded in response to his "we'll go down on Monday and take a look".

Little did I know that the "charming old house" written about in that unwanted email would heal my broken heart and fulfill a dream that David and I had shared for 22 years...............and be one of the things I'll be giving thanks for tomorrow (as I do every day!).

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