Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I take it we're back......

and by "we", I mean the houseblog.net - ters! I kinda wondered yesterday when I got a couple of comments on a political post....which btw, I usually post on my "other" blog (see link on the left if you dare!). A moment of distraction when using the "send to" button on my google toolbar and there you go....a misplaced post!

I missed all the housebloggers....and I'm very glad to see that its all up and running again. Happily, now that David and I have finished the major projects set for this year, I can spend time reading and catching up with it all....that is before the rush of the holidays start up.

Nikki and David both celebrate their birthday's this week, we're hosting another work party in less then two weeks and then we're looking at Thanksgiving already...all too soon followed by the rush of Christmas. I don't think I'm ready. It seems we just got through all the holidays, started our spring projects and now, here we are again......

Ready or not, here it comes.....I'll relish in my scrooge hat for a day or two and then get with the program...........

For today.....to all the Veterans out there....I remember and I celebrate you and your sacrifices for us all.....and a special thank you to my own vets....

Donald Ross McLeod Jr.
Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr.
Edward Charles Wilke V
Kevin Ross McLeod
Michael Darrin Brewer
Stephanie Klostner

and many other family members throughout the years......God Bless You.

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