Saturday, November 8, 2008

Justice for Joe!

Director goes on leave amid probe of Ohio plumber - Yahoo! News

Joe the Plumber was investigated because Barrack Obama walked down the street where Joe was throwing a football to his sons. He was investigated because his conversation, instigated by Barrack Obama, resulted in a gaffe that could have lost the race for Obama.

Let's hope that this woman doesn't get off "paid administrative leave". We do still live in a free America where asking questions and choosing who to vote for based upon the answers you receive and your belief of who would best serve our country don't cause your downfall....don't we?

Perhaps we should ask Joe Lieberman?


  1. If I recall, the information concerned Werzelwhatever's plumbing licenses, business incorporations and tax liens, all of which are subject to FOI and, in fact, is available online to the public here in NYC. I wonder why they found it necessary to involve a government worker in this "scandal".

  2. It IS America and we should not be personally attacked when we decide to voice our opinion or ask a question or simply answer someone else's. Freedom of speech is an important RIGHT that we really need to keep fighting for so that it doesn't get taken away. Thank you for this update!

  3. Brooklyn....the governmnent worker was "involved" because she was not assigned to investigate this private citizen; because she used a government computer with no authorization to do so for that investigation and did so for purely political reasons.

    Regardless of whether or not those records are public under FOI, which btw, as a genealogist, I am very aware of....this was done for purely political purposes and then leaked to the press.

    Anyway, she was put on paid administrative leave because she also used her government computer to raise funds for Obama which is not legal.

    Would you have made the same comment had it been a John McCain supporter who did the same? Or would you then want justice for Joe? Just wondering.


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