Friday, November 7, 2008

Looking at November.....

I feel a sense of "mission accomplished"......

The election is over and we now know who will govern us for the next four years. There is nothing more that we can do in that regard except be vigilant.

Closer to home, David and I finished up the downstairs painting yesterday....a few more days of fine tuning the decor, searching out those currently unseen places where a brush or a roller slipped and marked a piece of trim or wall and we'll be able to sit back and enjoy the end result of months of projects.......until next year.

This has been a long process. Typically, we finish up the year's projects by September or October and take a well earned rest just before the rush of the holidays...this year, things went a whole lot longer than planned. Economics, family commitments, and a bad back all combined to slow us down...but, that just adds to the sense of accomplishment we can feel now. We persevered and we finished the job(s) albeit with some adjustments.

The upstairs bathroom project was accomplished, the whole house interior re-paint was almost completed, the fence was added, & the whole house was re-plumbed along with other, smaller projects that were slated for this year. The downstairs bathroom, the master bedroom, kitchen cabinets and the gazebo were put off till next year, but all in all, we feel really good.

Now, we can look ahead into this month and the beginning of the holidays...soon, we'll have family over for Thanksgiving and then we'll begin to decorate for Christmas....with the projects completed we'll enjoy the festivals that our area provides and well, just slow down a bit....

Life is good!

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