Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Reason I've been absent~~

I have to blame it on Facebook......and rainy days....and the fact that its in my nature to procrastinate for short periods of time before I get back to my regularly scheduled self.....but its mostly Facebook.

Just before Thanksgiving, a friend sent me an invite to become a member...and so I did. Within a few hours, I had 2o plus friends...from high school, from college, and from my present circle of friends.....I've spent a lot of precious time there catching up with folks. And loving every minute of it...and my friends list keeps growing. I've even made Facebook my homepage because I check in periodically throughout each day to catch up with folks I haven't spoken to in too many years to mention with any degree of comfort....

Several months ago, I suffered a short term addiction to Myspace....adding gadgets and music and bling to the thing....and then, suddenly, the addiction was over. Facebook is different though; despite the fact that you can't add a whole lot of cool stuff to jazz up the page, communication with people is just so easy that the lack of visual stimulation isn't noticed! Somehow I think that while I will get over this need to check in way too many times each day, I will continue to go there each time I get online for a minute or two to chat with people who mean so much to me that I can't believe I lost touch with them.....there's a comfort in this almost instantaneous ability to "speak" with someone.....

When I got the phone call at 10:40 p.m. about my father's sudden illness, Facebook and my friends were there to wait out the next several hours and then days until we knew he'd survive. They prayed with me, reminded me they were there for me and helped me keep sane.

And then there's today. I got up this morning, poured out my first cup of coffee and then sat down to read my email...just like every morning...but this morning, as my browser opened, I was greeted by several "happy birthday's" to start my day off right! It was just so.....nice!

Anyway, I'm coming down from the holiday high; D and H are back in school...David's going back to his regular work-a-day schedule.....we've begun the 2009 project list for this old house.....things are falling back into the routine of normal life....and blogging is part of all of that....

until tomorrow then......~

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