Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th - five years on~~

Like a lot of folks, I viewed those superstitious Fridays' with a bit of wariness. I had my share of childhood memories of things happening on a 13th day of whatever month happened to be a trip into town where my little sister had her fingers caught in the car door and my first thought was "we should have stayed home today of all days".

That was a lot of years ago; since then David's birthday has fallen on a lot of Fridays that carry that supposedly unlucky stigma... and we've made it through every one of them....and had a few really great memories and good times happen....

Like five years ago today....the day we actually closed on this little farmhouse. It wasn't the day we moved in - that happened on the 6th of February 2004....our closing got caught up in some title issues that took a while to solve and it was seven days later that this house became our home.

I have to smile looking back on it now and not just for the obvious reasons - you see in January of that year, when we first went into our lender to get the paperwork on this house rolling, our agent said "we can close on the thirteenth of next month" and David replied "what day is that?". When she told him that it was a Friday he said "no way" and so our closing was set tentatively for the 9th of February looked like everything was going to work in our favor and we'd be closing on that date....

But I believe that God has a sense of humor....especially in matters of faith - faith that He holds us safely in His hands and that we should not worry for anything....and instead of closing on the 9th, we found ourselves walking out of the title agency having no clue as to when the title issue would be resolved....and on Tuesday and on Wednesday and on Thursday when we heard "we're sorry we can't close just yet"...David started rolling his eyes....and sure enough, late Thursday afternoon we were told we'd be closing around 4 p.m. on Friday.....the 13th. Like I said, I believe that God has a sense of humor......

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