Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All things country~~

When you make the decision to live in the middle of potato fields, there are some things that come along with lots and lots of dust and creepy crawlers that run from the tractors that work the fields.....

Yesterday, I was reminded once again of those other things as I opened the back door to enter my house.....I'd been preparing to plant some more veggies and needed to come back in for something. Distracted, I forgot that living here we have to be vigilant of where we step and sit....until I felt something land on my shoulder, slither down my arm and tap my flip flopped foot....

Looking down, I saw the culprit....a 2 ft. rat snake had hidden out on the soffit and for some reason decided to move on down to the top of the screen door where I disturbed it.

No harm done....except a pounding heart. A yell for David brought not only him but the four dogs to investigate..... Five minutes later, all was well. The dogs had assured themselves that I was fine, my own flee instinct had well, fled.. and my heart beat returned to normal...the snake was returned to the fields he had vacated....

and life in the country went on. But I have been reminded.....

Protect our Constitution - Track the Legislators and the legislation

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  1. Oh, gosh, I literally would have had a heart attack! I can take bugs, and just about any other gross insect or reptile. . . but not a snake! They give me nightmares! I hope that is the last you see of those critters for awhile!


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