Thursday, March 5, 2009

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

At my husband's place of employment 85 folks were laid off; everywhere 401k's are losing thousands of dollars at a time; folks are losing their homes not from sub-prime variable interest rates that they should never have qualified for in the first place but from unemployment, recent retirees are now out looking for work because their retirement is gone....and what does the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee do? Put this swill up on the internet....

Rahm, Carville and some other CNN talking head have decided that they are not going to debate the huge spending increases that have been okayed since January 21st that according to Biden himself are "30% likely to fail"; they've decided that we're not going to talk about the 8500 earmarks (pork) that fill what they term as "last years business" or "Bush's" bill (which by the way was held off by the Democratic Congress deliberately to put in front of Obama who by the way said he'd go line by line through bills and not allow pork spending!).....nope, they're not going to talk about that...they're going to wage war against a Talk Radio Host. And with his "you can't get anything done listening to Rush Limbaugh" comment, even President Obama is involved in this distracting war.

Here's the thing that Dems don't seem to understand...those of us who have listened to Rush do so not because we need to be told how to think but because we got tired of being told how to think by the Hollywood types and the folks who now sit in the anchor chairs of the networks. After many years of beginning my mornings with a cup of coffee and the Good Morning America show, I stopped watching them after the first Clinton campaign for President. It disgusted me how differently George Bush and Barbara were treated during an interview by Joan Lundon then were Bill and Hilary; I got sick of Dems always having the last word in any interview where there was a Dem and a Rep represented. And it used to be that an anchor or a reporter were just to tell the facts, unbiased, and let us decide what we longer are we expected to think and reason and determine what we think is best...nope, we're to be told it by the liberal media (oh, excuse me, aren't they now calling themselves "progressives"?).... and it started back when Clinton first ran for office. Out of that attempt to tell viewers how to think Rush Limbaugh rose to fame.

And, I'd really love to know how many folks who "despise" Rush have actually listened to him instead of basing their opinion on the soundbites of a media that can't stand him and the rhetoric of an administration staffer among others who want to distract us from the economy that is slowly destroying so many lives.

The thing is that we are headed to a socialistic capitalism that has been tried and has failed in country after country. And if not wanting our country to become one of many who thought that it could be the one to get it right means that I want the President to "fail" then I guess you need to lump me in with Rush cuz the last thing I want is to see an America that destroys itself because of blind loyalty to a man and a party that seem to think that spending our way out of this is the answer, that taxing those who work hard and take risks is the answer, that giving loans to folks who can't repay them is the answer....

And I hope that the President and his chief of staff soon understand that I want to hear more of why they think that I'm wrong and they're right instead of more distracting attacks on a Talk Radio Host.


  1. Ugh, these tactics are absolutely disgusting. I don't see how doing this is going to help the democrats. I'd almost think it would turn away the moderates and independents from the democrats. It reminds me of immature antics from high school days.

    I love how Obama was all about uniting people in his campaigning, and now he is trying to drive a wedge in between half of the country.

  2. Oh, girl, tell it like it is. We are kindred spirits!! Amen and Amen. I love your blog, and I will be back to look through your archives! My name is Joni, by the way! Feel free to stop by my farmhouse blog sometime!

    PS: I think alot of Americans are like us and the anger is growing. Let's hope we can channel that anger for change.


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