Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Charging Life.....

No, I'm not talking about charge cards - you know those things we now call credit cards instead? Gee, I wonder why the name change...could it be that charges bring to mind something negative while credit does the opposite? Never mind. That's not what this post is about....I'm actually talking about those re-chargable batteries we've switched to over the past year or so....

Have you ever thought about just how many batteries we need in the modern life? A gazillion it sometimes seems...and when you are living a charging spend a whole lot of time first telling your family "hey....noooooo...those are rechargables" as they head to the bins.....and then a whole lot of time rotating those little energy providers through that charger that looks oh so good as part of your kitchen decor.....until.....that little charger decides it's gives up the ghost.

So you go to the store and you think that all chargers are the same as your recently departed one - only to find that some of those things take 12-15 hours to charge 4 tiny batteries. And, your kid then takes your batteries out of your camera so that he can play his Xbox 360.......

And then you say to your readers ...."well, this post was going to be about our chicks and their adventures in the big open world outside their penned in coop.....or maybe about the floods that came from 7 straight days of rain and ruined several million dollars worth of potato crops"..... and then proceed to gripe about a charging life....sometimes, every now and then, I just want to go buy some of those little energizer bunny ones....sometimes it seems life was a bit simpler when we were less green.....

Gripe may now return to your regularly scheduled....whatever........ : )


  1. Well. What you say here is so true...I'm SICK to death of dumb battery chargers! I dealt with something similar today! And you know the swirly lightbulbs that were mandated by our government that will be REQUIRED in a few short years are very DANGEROUS and hazardous to our health and that the HAZMAT team needs to come in if you drop and break one? YUP. Government sure does know how to solve problems, right? WRONG!

  2. didn't know that about those twirly lightbulbs.....but you can believe I'm not surprised - that's the issue with the government - they never think about the effect they cause.....guess they should all leave government and live in the real world for awhile to remember that old elementary school lesson on cause and effect. LORI


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