Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Benefits and Blubbers.....

I remember a friend from my reading board blogging about how she was going to support Obama because John McCain said he'd be open to taxing health care benefits (which she mistook for health care services~) back during the campaign....I hope she's paying attention right now, because another promise from her guy is about to be broken......because taxing those of us who sacrifice to pay for our health care insurance has been put on the table by our Mr. President and his Democrat filled Congress. Why? To pay for his nationalized health care plan.....of course.

Oh how we have changed the English language to allow our politicians to betray us over and over again....benefits mistaken for service - insurance replaced by the word benefit .... as if we don't pay for those health care plans that our employers help us get for our families out of the money we work for. As in, those who pay for their insurance have a benefit over those who do not sacrifice to pay for their insurance let's tax those who DO pay so that those who DON'T pay get services for basically free....or at least think they will..........(Did you read about our Mr. D, you know the tax evading nominee for HS? - saying the our seniors will "just have to live with" some of the effects of getting older and not get treated for every little ailment?)

We've so interchanged the words (like Charge Cards now being known as CREDIT cards) that we have to really think before we can understand exactly what it is our politicians and the media spinners are saying about what they are going to do to OUR life and our parents life and the lives of the generations behind us.

I know that the "benefits" the pres. and his cronies are speaking of is the portion of our health care plan that is paid for by our employer - who gets a tax break as an incentive to offer health care insurance to their employees, so don't start sending me messages about how I don't understand it all.....

See it will go like this.....say our employer pays half of the cost of our annual insurance plan - the government is first going to take away the tax incentive they initially gave our employer to pay for that half in the first place and second, they're going to tax the employee on the half the employer pays for income - taxed on money we never see for a "benefit" we pay for. Could it be a two part plan? Maybe to make it less attractive for our employers to offer us health care plans in the first place AND then make it cost the employee so much in taxes to get that health care insurance from our employer that we decide to buy into the NEW Nationalized Health Care Plan our savior is going to put into place? And here's a little food for thought....if our employers lose the tax benefit and so don't offer health care plans or we stop paying for our own insurance because of the taxes, where's the money going to come from to pay for our nationalized health care plan? Maybe taxes on foods that aren't good for us (like the cigarette tax?)? Or maybe taxes on foods and things they think are luxuries (like the rich pay for their yachts)? Or maybe they'll just ration out our health care services for those they think are less deserving or have less chance of a long term Britain just did for women with breast cancer or as our Mr. T (for Tom or Tax Evader which ever you prefer)suggested just to anyone over, let's say, the age of 50 (timed with our eligibility for AARP maybe?).

So much for Liberty eh? Freedom of choice restricted by the cost of the choice determined (of course) by our all knowing elite politicians (who've never run a business and have their own Insurance Plans paid for by WE the taxpayers for the rest of their lives!) who fly to NYC for a date night (paid for by WE the taxpayers) while millions of folks wait for that first unemployment check and wonder if they'll ever be able to afford a "date night" again.

You know, our president seems to enjoy going around the world apologizing for America...for the so called arrogance of Americans.....but I just want to say this....the height of arrogance is a government based upon democracy and capitalism and liberty slowly taking over our industries, our health care, and our liberties and thinking that THEY can do it better than all the other countries that have failed to succeed at socialism in the past.....oh wait a minute....nobody is supposed to call this governmental takeover of every facet of our lives socialism are they?

I hope my friend is happy with her choice...a choice she made based upon her fear of something she thought would be exactly what is happening right now......under her guy.

Oh...and for those of you thinking I promised not to post any more political musings on this blog? Well, if my president can go back on his word, then why can't I?

One more thing before I go away and tend my garden..... did you hear that our young, hip, government just published a list of the locations of every single one of our nuke power facilities on the internet ....with maps no mistake? I'm feeling real secure at the moment......


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I have never been so disappointed in our country or our people. They just keep drinking the Kool-Aid, and will until it is too late. We were once a great nation. Now I give our country, running in this direction, a few generations left at most. Terribly sad...

  2. You are a typical, self-centered right winger who has no compassion for people in need. We have just come from a government in which Bush declared at a White House gathering, " We are here with the haves and have mores." (And yes, it's on video. I heard it) It is THAT attitude that destroyed our country.

  3. Lindenhaus....First prove the context of what you said was said by Bush by posting a link to the video so that the rest of us can see it. Otherwise, I have to say that you are a typical left wing freeloader who believes that compassion pays the bills of the middle class instead of hard work and sacrifice.

    You know nothing of what I give to charity or do for those in base your comment on me by the fact that I feel that taxing something as INCOME that is NOT income is wrong. Because I feel that taxing us into being forced to make a choice the government wants us to make is a destruction of liberty and the destruction of everything our government was founded on.

    BTW, those of us who PAY for our health insurance (not a benefit) are already paying 90 billion dollars a year for the medical care of those in need with taxes on the premiums we pay, the co-pays we pay at the Dr. and with each hospital visit. That doesn't count the taxes we pay for medicare, foodstamps and welfare and the WIC program. For those in real need, we have them covered already......

    Maybe I'm selfish because I don't want to pay for the medical insurance of those who buy big screen t.v.s and cell phones for every kid in the house instead of an insurance plan for their family....because my family sacrifices to afford the insurance we pay for.....that the government now wants to tax as INCOME.

    You have a job btw? Pay for your own health insurance btw? Or will my family be paying for it for you?

  4. Lindenhaus.....I googled the context of that Bush comment for you - a dinner where he gave a speech with was a joke....kinda like President Obama and his "special olympics" comment.....


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