Saturday, June 6, 2009

How does your garden grow?

We've tried to grow organically this year; no pesticides, natural fertilizers, all that jazz. But Florida's weather isn't cooperating with us. Seven days of non stop rain (which caused the potato fields that surround us to make us think we had ocean front property) have done a number on the garden.

The tomato plants that were going gangbusters and bursting with little green promises suddenly are the feasting ground for all manner of creepy crawlies. Coffee grinds and egg shells didn't slow them down. Hand picking and treating the chickens didn't seem to make a dent. The fruit that was supposed to be ripe and ready for eating on the 27th of May now hangs perpetually green.....not enough Florida sun to finish the ripening process and too much outside interference with the creepy crawlies have ended the process. I guess there'll be lots of Green Tomato Chutney to give away and lots of Fried Green Tomatoes for dinner. Friends report the same trouble with their gardens, so we're not alone in this. One faces the same dilemma we do and another says her green ones all dropped to the ground a week ago.

I've got slugs and snails in the squash and sugar snaps - again the coffee grinds and egg shells and sweet water aren't able to keep up with the infestation that has resulted from too much rain. I finally broke down and bought some organic pesticide to help save what I can of my garden...and I'm giving it all one more week before it all comes out and I start over.

I've container gardened every year for the last 20 years - I've never dealt with the creepy crawlies that have invaded us this year....and I've only occasionally had to use pesticides before with my tomato plants - so this first attempt to go completely organic has been a bit frustrating....

As I type this, the second storm of the day has come through - and I think about the potato farmers that lost millions already this season in rotted fields - and I am thankful that I'm just dealing with a back yard garden. And I dream of a green house.......where I can control the water if not the humidity......


  1. You could try diatomaceous earth around the plants next time... it's organic. It kills the little bugs by cutting open their exoskeletons. Useful for dogs and fleas, too. Make sure and buy the food grade type, not the swimming pool kind though, I think...

  2. Jennifer.....does it work in the wet conditions that we're having? I've been reading up on it but I thought it didn't work in wet areas? I'll keep checking it out!

  3. But how it is possible. free from pesticides, its not an easy task. Its challenge,coz due to climate or you can say weather effect also its not be so easy as it appears.

  4. My garden is doing a little better... although we haven't had quite as much rain as you here in Northern Alabama. Mine looked like it wasn't going to grow at all. It just turned yellow and mocked me. Then, a couple of mornings ago I went out to shamefully check on my garden and... much to my surprise.... everything decided to explode over night. God again took pity on me and kindly kissed my garden for me. Now I need to rush out and buy tomato cages. Such a nice problem to have. Just so you know, I grow organically as well. With 5 kids I can't afford to buy it, so I decided to grow it. My lasagna garden is doing way better than anticipated. I am sure once the rain calms down a little bit, your garden will also explode. Mine did and I have, as my husband says, the ANTI-GREEN THUMB..... ;)

  5. BTW- I don't know why it made me anonymous. It must be my other thumb, the ANTI-TECHNOLOGY one....


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