Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's it gonna cost?

As a follow up to an earlier post about the Cap and Trade Bill, I thought I 'd post a link to The Tax Foundations Family can plug in a bit of info and see just how much the Obama Plan (which wasn't going to cost us one single cent in increased taxes) is going to cost your household per month. Just in case you're paying attention. :)

Our increased energy bill? $114.00 per month or $1373.00 annually......wait a minute....didn't Senator Waxman and the Environmental Agency claim it would cost our household just about what a postage stamp a day would cost us? Let's see....$.44 x's 30 days = $13.20 a month or $158.40 a year......I think they understated it just a bit considering that our month tax bill will be almost as high as their promised yearly one..............

to figure out your households tax burden, click on the post title or

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