Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay, I admit it.....

I'm in love with my chickens~we had them growing up but I certainly don't remember them being so much fun and I know I don't remember them all having such distinct personalities. I knew I had strong feelings for these little things, but it didn't really hit me until we gave away three of our babies to the neighbors across the county road. The little girl that lives down there wanted chickens, so we gave her chickens....and my heart groaned as I walked away from them in their new coop.

One of the Little Roo's

You may remember the arrival of the 13 baby chicks last I played classical music as a lullaby to get them to quiet down in their crate? Remember how we lost four of them - 2 to crooked beak and two who just spasmed and died on us? Well those 9 survivors got a hold on me.....maybe because of their odd looks.

Two Baby Roos - perhaps

There were several different kinds of chickens at the babies old home; there was a Game Cock and a Big Rhode Island Red Rooster to service those several different kinds of hens and, as a result, our babies, well, who the heck knows which of the two Roos were the dads of those and who were the moms. Allowed to Free Roam 2.5 acres, those hens all laid in the same place and when enough eggs were laid, one of the hens would decide to take over the role of Mama while the others continued on their with their merry, free roaming life. Our babies certainly show in their strange looks this communal living arrangement.

We believe this is 2 Hens and 2 Roos, but we're just not certain yet.

We're still trying to determine which are Roos and which are hens....we think we gave our neighbor two hens and one Roo, but only time will tell the truth of that. We're waiting for the Roos to try to crow and then, my heart will groan again...because those Roos will have to be rehomed.

I never would have believed I could become so attached to chickens.

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