Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Cleaning~

I missed spring cleaning this year; I'm not exactly sure why although I think it may have been all the energy we expended on the chicken coop, the new fence, transplanting etc....the fact that I missed that annual frenzy of housewifely energy was becoming more obvious by the day. But I'm on it now~

If you could see into my office, you'd notice brown bags strategically placed against the wall; if you could see into my kitchen, you'd notice that I've spent the morning cleaning copper and silver pieces that have been hidden in the bottom of the China Cabinet for a couple of years (I just didn't have the time to clean them regularly during the major home renovations that we've been undertaking for the last five years, so I hid them from view). And over the years we've lived here, I've been adjusting my attitude regarding accessories due to the dust that finds its way into the house from the fields - this means that a lot of items have been tucked into eaves and drawers and cupboards where they're simply taking up space.

I'm slowly sorting through all the stashed away things that I've been ignoring for way too long. I'm trying to decide if I have the energy to hold a yard sale, rent a flea market booth, or just load it up and take it all to Goodwill.

Like many folks, we could use the extra few bucks that a yard sale might bring in - I'd like to raise enough money to pay for the new satellite/cable jack that needs to be put in to accommodate the new living room arrangement.....that would make me feel really good about that expenditure....but, I just don't know if the things I have are worthy of the effort of organizing a sale or would even bring in enough to cover the cost of a flea market booth.

The new living room arrangement - we bought a cable at the Depot
and its running around the room, taped down......

We don't get much traffic down our road but we've sold a few things without ever even putting a for sale sign on them...just park them near the road and folks stop to ask if we're selling. We've given away a few items like that as well.

Anyway, regardless of what I end up doing with all these things, I'm trying to be a part of the "50 Things Project" - you know the one where you find 50 things to give away or sell to un-clutter your life? And as I go, I'm doing my spring cleaning...er, fall cleaning...and that's a good thing in and of itself.

More photos of the new living room arrangement

The wall the TV used to be on (ignore the red ball please~)

The opposite side of long narrow room - and the space heater I'm
so glad we bought last week considering the fact that our heater
is not working AGAIN...but that's another post.

Our Murphy - who snuck in that red ball you ignored earlier~.

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