Thursday, October 1, 2009

WOW, it's Thursday already~~~

not to mention that it's October 1st already! Where is all the time going? Seems like this year just got started and here it is approaching the holidays.......

I can't explain away the past several months, but the last two days, I've been enjoying the first of our fall weather and transplanting outside, setting up Fall Decorations on the front porch and since I last posted, I did exactly as I said I would and ventured up into the eave to get some empty boxes....I made it a whole 5 inches inside before I turned around, shut the door, and left the room.....good thing I'm set to do a real sort out of this old house because I couldn't get more than five inches into that room! No way I could find those empty boxes that were stacked so neatly last January as we put the Christmas decorations away....not without enlisting a couple of the males around here to give me some help moving a single mattress, a box full of who knows what and a couple of tables etc. Seems like someone has been adding things to that eave behind my back! That's what happens when you have a 25 year old moving in and then moving out, then moving in again....and a college kid coming home, bringing home stuff, going back and not taking all his stuff!

Anyway, I had to make a temporary change in the plans in order to get dining room table, the drop leaf in the Living Room, the piano top...all are now covered with stuff to be sold at a yard sale, given to friends and/or charity.....and even if all that stuff isn't in neat packing boxes I still feel pretty good. There are a lot more cabinets and drawer and cupboards to go through before I'm finished though.

Much to my surprise, David didn't give me too much grief about moving the heavy Lazy Boy sofa and chairs to see if my new arrangement will actually work....seems he wants the room more cozy himself. AND, it looks as though it will work...of course, we haven't actually sat down of an evening with three kids, assorted friends, four dogs and two cats to put it to the real, I took the suggestion of a reader and went to Home Depot and came home with a long cable to do a test run....I'll let you know how it goes and maybe even get some photos up here (I've been lazy about that lately....haven't even shown the newly done Master Bedroom yet! The chicken coop is also due for an update - considering it now looks nothing like it used to - its been re-enforced against raccoons, skunks and coldish weather- a future posting - but no promises, mind).

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