Friday, October 2, 2009

Caramel Apples and 'a tha

Here in Sunny Florida we've actually had some indication that it is Autumn. The last several mornings have been in the low 60's and we've been in the high 70's or very low 80's during the afternoons. I've just gotten apples and caramel for later this evening...and even bought some hot chocolate.

Tonight's Eighth Grade Night at the High School Football Game....H gets to play with the Marching Band through the tunnel, the Star Spangled Banner, the Alma Mater song and some of the stand music....and stand on the field to play a piece after the half time show....I can't wait. H on the other hand is quite nervous about it all. We've spent the week with extra practice time and re-assuring him that he will do fine; telling him he'll have a whole bunch of fun and begin to really anticipate being one of the marchers. He's still not convinced if our "on the way to school" conversation this morning is any indication.

He doesn't remember when Dallas was Drum Major and our Friday Nights were spent at the local high school games. He was too young back then. But David and I remember and we're ready for the games to begin!

Its Fall and its time for us to be a part of the Friday Night Lights once again...........

Fall 2009

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