Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It was time for our bi-weekly trip to the Tractor Supply (actually, it was past due for it - we'd lost last week to the heating drama unfolding around the place~~) so about an hour before time to pick up Hunter from school, David and I loaded up and headed to town. I absolutely love this trip in to get our dog and chicken feed and salt for the water system - the store is loaded with country clothing and accessories and lots of magazines with Labrador to Chicken to Pig based titles. While David or one of the boys load up the feed and the salt, I usually browse either the aisles themselves or the magazines. I've picked up Countryside a couple of times before, but never bought it. The wood stove on the front of the January/February cover caught my eye and kept it even over the lure of beautiful chickens or gorgeous labs on several other home it came with us.

As I ate my lunch, I read through the first quarter of it....notice that I said "read" and not "looked" ...that's because it's mostly full paged articles with black and white images....this magazine is about the content and not about snazzy photos and expensive advertising.....and I loved it...No flipping from page 5 to page 21 to finish reading an turning of page after page of ads to get to the words I want to read.

Basically, this bi monthly magazine is for homesteaders or those who wish to live off-grid, but there's a whole lot there for those of us still plugged in but hoping for more self sustainability in our lives, more simplicity in our family life, more nature to keep us healthy and wise.

I can't wait for after dinner hour tonight when all the human and animal souls are fed and bathed and watered and bedded down for the night and I get to curl up on my sofa with a cuppa tea and my cozy afghan and finish reading about cooking on a wood stove.......(can you tell I'm still a bit in mourning for the loss of the wood stove I almost got last week?)

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