Thursday, January 14, 2010

Redneck Woman?

Old Centennial Farmhouse: Slow as Molasses in January

Are YOUR lights down? Those Christmas lights I mean.....! Ours aren't...although we aren't turning them on in the evenings anymore. Every time I drive past our house to get to the second driveway, I hear that song in my know the one about the Redneck woman who leaves them up all year long?

So why are they still up? Is it because, like Joni over at Old Centennial Farmhouse, I don't want to see the bareness of a wintered in farmhouse? Nope, its because its just been too darn cold and windy outside to take them down! The wreathes that hung from the porch railings and the ones that hung on the fences and gates only came down on Tuesday....when my husband took advantage of the sunshine and a break in the ever present howling winds to venture out and grab them up..... I would have left those wreathes up until spring...after all that song didn't say anything at all about beautiful green wreathes tied up with a colorful bow!

I'm usually ready for all the Christmas things to come down because the clutter gets to me after a while....but this year, since I used a minimalist approach to decorating, there wasn't an issue with clutter and it was a bit harder to put it all away. The Tree was the hardest though.

Since re-arranging the living room this past September, I was anticipating putting up a long, tall, fragrant tree in a corner that now was going to be perfect for it. It was a different corner from where we'd been putting our tree and I just knew that it would be a beautiful sight. And it didn't disappoint me - I moved out the comfy red chair and the fake palm tree right after Thanksgiving dinner (well, not quite that quickly but almost) and put up that beautiful, perfectly sized Fraser Fir and spent hours curled up staring at it each evening.

So, taking down that tree was hard. That corner now looks bare and cold and...sad. Instead of putting back the comfy red chair (which is really too small and low for it) I've temporarily filled that corner with that fake palm tree surrounded with our front porch plants brought in to escape the winters winds....and I'm busy going through magazines for some ideas on how to fill that corner once those plants go back outside. Here's hoping I can find something to place in that corner to fill the next 11 months until I get to put back up a beautiful, colorful, and shining Christmas Tree.....(and if I'm really blessed, that wood stove that I almost got last week will be roaring away too!....okay, I promise that I'll try not to talk about that wood stove again......I'm letting it go.....)

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  1. I need a little color, warmth and cheer in my life, so I'm leaving my outdoor lights up until at least the end of January. But, even though I a little bit redneck, I don't know the words to every Charlie Daniels song, so I can't leave them up all year long!


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