Monday, January 11, 2010

"The Rest of the Story" and a Moral of sorts~~

I'm a Floridian.....I like sunshine and warmth....I live here because not only do I like it, I need sunshine and last two posts have centered around warmth......this one concludes the saga of one family's efforts to survive 10 days of freezing temps when 60 degrees is considered uncomfortably cold to them.....

A sight not usually found in Sunny Florida - this is the faucet
just off our front porch - this icicle lasted three days.
There's a new one there this morning.

Remember that upstairs unit I wrote about....the one that kept the upstairs warm while the downstairs froze? The one that was replaced only three years ago? What exactly happened to that one? Well, the compressor burned out....because someone who used to live here had decided they wanted to double filtrate the internal unit (which had not been replaced three years ago) and put a filter in a place it wasn't designed to go and wasn't visible to us or to any of the service technicians that have visited us over the last 6 years here. That filter probably caused the compressor to go three years ago and definitely caused it to go on Thursday....the unusual situation in which Floridians find themselves running a heater 24/7 brought the double filtration issue to a head....and left us with another huge bill 8 days into the new year and another installer here on Friday afternoon. I won't even describe the state of that filter....

The good news is that both heaters are working now....we'll get a tax credit for 2010...we're much more "green" then we were previously because we've now got a puron system instead of a Freon one....and even though our dreams of a wood stove have been put off for a bit...we'll eventually spend Christmas snuggled up around one that has a kettle of hot chocolate or a pot of wassail bubbling away....

Let me end this with a remember how the stories we used to read in school always had a moral teaching.....Don't attempt to double filtrate a system that isn't designed for double filtration.....and if you buy a previously owned house....make sure that you have a technician specifically look for evidence that someone {stupidly} tried to do it.....

And if you live in our neck of the woods.....we highly recommend Powell Heating and Air........

Feeding the chickens warm mash - not something we do very often here in Florida.

A warm {but poorer"} Lori signing off~~~!

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