Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Uhm...its not about George Bush anymore ~~

Restless Patriot: INSURRECTION!!!!!!!!!!

And its not just about party- just as the Tea Party folks have been saying all along. Because we have an entrenched two party system, party enters into it, but it doesn't define it by any means. Our government is "for the people" and "by the people". 55 million of us did not vote for President Obama and his far left agenda and some of those who did vote for him didn't understand just what he meant about "fundamentally" changing our country. Some of those who believed he'd be non-partisan and put the negotiations on CSPAN and all the other things he promised are now realizing that, as Nancy Pelosi admitted, those words were just "campaign" rhetoric......the change really talked about was a one party ruled parlimentary system where anything and everything was shoved through regardless of what "the people" thought about it.

"Without debate, without critisicm, no administration and no country can succeed and no republic can surive" John F. Kennedy April 27 1961

While the dems have been crying to the public that the repubs were obstructing the passage of health care, the truth was this - repubs had no power to obstruct anything. There was no debate because the dems did not need ONE Republican vote for any bill they wanted to pass (unless of course they wanted to lie that one vote made it bi-partisan). For those of us who may have forgotten our American History or Political Science classes and temporarily believed the's the reality of our government prior to yesterdays "insurrection".

House Total Seats 435 Representatives
Votes Needed to Pass a Bill 218 Yes Votes
Number of Dem Seats 256 (+38 votes needed to pass a bill)
Number of Repub Seats 178 (-40 votes to stop a bill)

That's the reason that all the "debates" held over health care were behind locked and closed doors with the President, with the Unions etc.) They didn't need to discuss anything with any Republican in the House. Repubs couldn't stop the bill's passage.

Senate Total Seats 100 Senators
Votes Needed to Pass a Bill 51 Yes Votes
Number of Dems 58 (+7 needed to pass a bill)
Independents (vote Dem) 2 (giving Dems 60 votes to stop fillibustering)
Number of Repubs 40 (-11 votes to stop a bill)

That's the reason that all the "debates" held over health care were behind locked and closed doors....... and that's the truth behind the spin of the Dems (who said the Repubs have stopped passage of this bill).

Watch the spin over this election - they'll make it about George Bush; they'll make it about Coakley's campaign; they'll make it about us "just not understanding the benefits we'll all get from this bill". They'll want to deny that the public is no longer the apathetic group of folks it used to be.....we're getting educated...not only about them but about what the goal of some them actually is (to "fundamentally" change our Democratic Republic by not letting a "good crisis" go wasted) and not only about that but about what our Founding Fathers warned us about in the Federalist Papers. We're remembering or learning for the first time (depending on just when we went to the Government Schools in this country) what our Constitution actually says.

The truth is that this health care bill was stopped by the fact that some of the elected Democrats still care about "the people" who elected them and will live under this reform - and it is these Democrats that will hopefully stop this bill in its tracks now. It is these Democrats who will force this administration to go back to the table and pass REAL health care reform and not a bill riddled with bribes that favor certains groups of citizens and harm others. IF they were listening to us yesterday......

As Ted Kennedy's "seat" goes back to the People of Massachuchetts, its ironic to read the words of his brother about the importance of debate. Seems the Party of John F. Kennedy lost its way and we the people will force them to find it again......come on November.

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