Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I do and don't want~~~

to hear from tonight's State of the Union...........

I DO want to hear that some CUTS to spending are on the table as well as a "freeze" of non defense spending...I mean when you've raised spending by 12% in last years Omnibus Bill and by 54% in the Stimulus bill (also of last year) then a partial freeze isn't going to do much with our federal debt.

I DON'T want to hear about how George Bush is the one to blame for every thing that this administration has done - he shares the blame but the President might like to remember that a whole lot of the members of Congress were there during the last eight years (unless of course they spent their time on the campaign trail having ghost writers sponsor bills for them....but that's another story).

I DO want to hear an admission that back room deals were made not only by Reid and Pelosi but also in the White House (Big Pharma and the Unions) - you know, take some real responsibility for why the health care reform bill is opposed by the majority of Americans.

I DON'T want to hear about how the Republicans obstructed the health care bill from passage - acknowledge that Scott Brown's election to the peoples seat of Massachusetts is what finally stopped what had already stalled because of the inability of the progressives to come to a compromise with the moderates in the Democrat Party.

I do want to hear more "our", "we", "us" in this speech;

I don't want to hear "I" and "me" and "my" more than those other words. Because he was right when he spoke in Ohio and said "its not about me" isn't. Its about us and our future; its about our children and their ability to live in a country where taxes are so oppressive that it affects their ability to increase their standard of living and whether our grandchildren will even recognize this country when they begin to find jobs and start families.

And, I plan on listening to this speech with the Lazy Boy in lounge position with my eyes I don't have to watch the constant head turning required to use a teleprompter. I don't care that he uses one but he needs to spend less time on the head turning - its does a number on my vertigo.....


  1. LOL!!!!!!! It's OOooohhhbaaammmmaa.....all the TIME! Shut up already, and get to WORK is what I would say to him. Tee hee....I bet they had the dogs trained on Joe Wilson tonight....they probably didn't want another "YOU LIE!" outburst, but he could have said it again and it would still be true!

  2. Apparently the personal references totaled 96....I didn't count but someone obviously did LOL....

    I'm still digesting the whole thing...trying to stay away from the political pundits until I work out what I personally took from the speech - I didn't last long in the Lazy Boy with my eyes closed....ended up taking notes!


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