Friday, January 15, 2010

What to blog about today.....

There's a lot of stuff racing around my mind today ~ so much that I can't even begin to think of only one subject to blog, instead of fighting it....

Around the house - We're down to 9 chickens now - 8 hens and 1 little Roo....despite trying to re home the five other roosters, in the end, they went to rooster heaven by way of one of our local farmers. David wanted to put them in our freezer, but I just couldn't do that....yet. So we called our hay supplier (with whom we barter eggs for hay) and he came over and took them off our hands for us. (You may remember we had 9 Roosters to start with, we've kept 1 and re homed 3.) The four Roos were beating the tar out of each other, stealing most of the hens food and destroying everything in their path - not to mention the constant noise making as each tried to gain the Alpha position. The Roo we kept is the sweetest of the bunch - beaten up very early on by his brother, he stayed close to the hens who seemed to favor him over all the rest. It's a whole lot quieter 'round here now~~

Watch this race - No, not Nascar.....the Massachusetts race. Not since 1972 has a Republican been voted into the Senate in this state. But a poll today has Scott Brown ahead by 4 percentage points. Could it actually happen? And if it does, will the present leaders in DC get the message? So far, they've ignored the Polls, the Tea Parties, the emails and letters and faxes and phone calls. I have to hope that even if the Democrat somehow pulls this out, those leaders will get the message anyway. The majority of Americans don't want THIS health care reform bill with its bribes (the latest being that the Unions will be exempt from the Cadillac Tax and the rest of us will pay for it for them~~) and its unintelligible length and its not-broadcast-on-CNN-lobbyist/special interest dealings.

Who's your favorite Founding Father? Can you name just one? Can you eliminate one for another or is there something that stands out about each of them that makes you admire him just as much as you admire another? Or do you, like so many of the "political analysts" or T.V. hosts today, attempt to write them all off as "white landowners"? If forced to choose one, which one would you choose? And would you base your choice on the context of the time they lived or by the context of the time in which you live? A lot of folks don't realize just how long it was after the Revolutionary War that we actually had George Washington as our President. A lot of folks don't realize that he really didn't want to be the leader of this new country. A lot of folks don't realize that some of those who lived then wanted to establish a monarchy instead of a democratic republic. And a whole lot of folks don't realize that we face much the same debate today only now its total socialism instead of a monarchy that lies in the balance. In my humble opinion, we all need to do a little bit of historical research before anyone judges Sarah Palin on her answer to this particular question....if only so that we don't accept at face value the spin of those who seek to make her look stupid or evasive..........

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