Friday, February 5, 2010

I wanna go back to high school~~

I have never ever wanted to go back to high school - college maybe, but never high school. Last night was 8th grade night at the high school. About 30 minutes into the presentation I turned to my friend and said "I wanna go to school here". Suddenly the dread I've been holding at bay with each thought of our baby entering high school became excitement at the very same thought.

The world will be opening up for him next year - he'll still be playing trumpet with the addition of membership in the Marching Band and with the opportunity to be in Jazz and Concert. But his major focus will be on Aerospace Engineering through a program offered by Embry Riddle. He'll earn college credit beginning in 10th grade.

There are various other "Academies" within the school, as there are in all the schools in the county - no teenager attending that school will lack the opportunity to come out with college credits or even full certification in an area that will walk them right down the aisle and into a career. You can walk out with certification to be a Para Pro in the schools or with certification to begin working with technicians at that local airport and so on and so on.....Internships at NASA, Cadet training in Sea and Land Rescue......what a world of opportunity is being provided to these teenagers - we can only pray that they ALL take advantage of it.

The energy and excitement that was evident in all the teachers could not help but produce the same in all of us parents - you could see on the faces of those listening and watching the same feeling that I felt.....

I wanna go back to high school!

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