Monday, February 15, 2010

Will (someone's) real kitchen please stand up?

Okay, I know that I've done a whole lot of complaining about the kitchen in this old how bugged I am by the fact that the previous owners put in a 1980's kitchen in a 1909 house when, if I understand it correctly, they started from scratch for goodness sake! Or how the cabinets are not standard size......etc. and so on....!

Over a year ago, I talked David into letting me paint the damaged cabinet exteriors to get me by until we gut the whole room and start over...I've yet to get there. Its a daunting job on its own but factor in that we don't have a workshop to do the stripping, sanding and painting in...and the winds we get around here that limit the outside work we'd be able to do and well....I've been putting it off. And I'm beginning to think I may not get to it until we do the gut job....because now I've got tile in, they're rising up in rebellion!

Anyway....I do a lot of cooking and baking (we bake our own breads 95% of the time) and without even re-visiting the issue of inside cabinet storage, the counter top space is a lack we live with as well. I've currently got my counter top appliances stashed everywhere...some in lower cabinets, some in a open cabinet and some on the counter's.....with the end result that I have to remember where I've stashed what! Too frustrating. So, I've been looking for some inspirational photos of kitchen's like mine where busy cooks live and work....but all I've found are kitchen's where everything is hidden to make it look bigger and brighter and be honest....unused...! I want to see a real kitchen where all the appliances are out to be used and appreciated....and there don't seem to be any out there.

So, if any of you out there have less than perfect kitchens with appliances out in the open (and flour spilled down the know, a real, used, kitchen) ......feel free to share them...

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  1. Everyone needs to do something like this ONCE in their life. Just a smalll tip; put everything on graph paper to scale. It really helped visualize what my goal was. Best wishes and good luck


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