Thursday, April 22, 2010

Old Furniture part five

This little rocker lives here for now because my little sister can't bear to let it go out of the family - she claims that one day, she'll have room for it and take it away. Her memories are tied up in this chair - Grandma McLeod once sat in it while 3 year old Amy spun her 'round and 'round until Grandma couldn't take it anymore and begged her to stop - its the only real memory my much younger sister has of our paternal grandmother and she doesn't want the chair to go away.

While I sort of reluctantly agreed to keep it for her, I've come to love it quite a bit myself - its a great place to spend a rainy afternoon reading in my office or simply day dreaming while I stare out the wall of windows at the fields that surround our farmhouse. That granny square pillow holds memories for me - those crocheted squares were once part of a tea cozy made by our Nana (Jessup) and given to me when she passed. The much used cozy was falling apart when it came to me so I removed the heat proof lining and using my own crocheting skill (taught to me by Nana) repaired the unraveling yarn and used it to cover an ugly old throw pillow and placed it in that chair.....and when I see it or snuggle up in that chair for a good read its not hard for me to travel back in time to the mornings when I'd crawl in bed with Nana while Granddad went to prepare a morning cup of tea which he served the two of us along with a biscuit (or what we Americans refer to as a cookie) as we lounged in bed for a little bit longer. Nana would tell me stories of Mom while the two of us enjoyed those last moments of peace before the busyness of our day began.....this was a tradition that we enjoyed whether we were visiting them in England or they'd flown to the States to visit us.....

See that piano? (Please ignore the stuff that covers it - its the Harry Potter Cupboard things~~~) That was the one my little brother Kirk learned to play by ear on.....and now its the one where Dallas did the same. Despite taking lessons for two years in college and trying again and again to learn to play on my own, I still can't play well enough for anyone to sit and listen ...but still I keep that piano. Its so old that it can't be tuned (its always a half step off) and several of its keys stick or are broken but still Dallas plays it when he's home from college. I debated from time to time getting rid it but every time I mention it, someone says "no way" - even my friends from high school won't hear of my letting it go because they have memories of mom playing and me singing or Kirk and I messing around playing Heart and Soul or something like that.....and so, because of its stays.

The table was Mom and Dad's and purchased after we returned to the States from our year in England (1976) - it was old then.....after it was given to me, I sanded it down and varnished it with 6 coats of spar varnish - put your glass on it - you can't harm that old table. It doesn't really suit this house but I can't seem to part with it....I see a farm table in my kitchen in my minds eye...and the round kitchen table where this one now sits....but unless I can pass this on to one of my own kids, I just can't seem to let it go. Visions of birthday parties, Christmas and Easter Dinners assail me when I think of putting it out....and so it stays.

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