Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Old Furniture part three

This bureau fills a corner in our living room -

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We picked it up from a road side junk dealer for a few bucks - it still has three of it original "wheels"and its original paint; one of the drawers was broken in pieces but we took it up to a friend's wood working shop and replicated what couldn't be fixed and made it usable again. It stores all the electrical bits and pieces we can't seem to remember what belongs to what - a few of my genealogy folders are also stored in it along with old family photos in their protective covers.

The candle set was a gift from David and I to his mother several Christmas's past - my mother in law tended to re-gift you with things you had gifted other family members when they passed and in this case, we were re-gifted this set. I love the various ways it reflects the light throughout the day in this tree shaded, porch bordered room. The mirror is one of a set of two bedroom mirrors that my interior designer stepmother picked up many years ago - they graced the windowless living room in our last house and help to reflect light in this dark living room today......

This china cabinet was picked up from that same roadside junk dealer - it was in several pieces when we brought it home but its glass was undamaged and its scale was perfect for our storage starved kitchen. As we carried it inside the house, my then 15 year old nephew Jeremy asked me a question that went something like this....."uh, Auntie Lori.....why did you buy a broken china cabinet?"..... David broke out the vices and glued and doweled it back together over several weeks and then we stripped it and stained it and stuck all our stuff in it....the dog treats and cat food hide in the bottom while behind the glass sits various dishware and old bottles we've found in past treasure hunts.....the drawer holds all my tea towels and linen napkins and dish cloths....behind it hides the electrical panel that the previous owners put in the kitchen (!) and my husband refused to go through the extra effort and expense of moving when we had the electrical updated. And that nephew of mine...what did he think when he saw it on his next visit down? "Now, I see why you bought a broken china cabinet......"......perhaps another lover of old furniture was born that day......

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