Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The act of letting go~~

expeditious adj. Acting or done with speed and efficiency. (efficient adj. 1. Acting directly to produce an effect: an efficient cause. 2. a. Acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.b. Exhibiting a high ratio of output to input.)

preservation - noun- The careful guarding of an asset: 2. The act or a means of defending. protect - To keep from being damaged, attacked, stolen, or injured; guard.

When one is placed in a position of power, any power - whether it be by a simple act of trust within a family or group or whether it be by the laws of the land - there is a duty to act in a manner that honors the position and upholds the best interests of those over whom you hold that power. I've borrowed the terms and definitions shown above from a particular group of state statutes but they suit for almost any circumstance in which one person has control over a situation in which the outcome affects others.

In recent months, our family has found itself in a place where power and control were given to one person - and we've watched as all of the above terms were ignored for the personal interest of that one person entrusted with that powerful position. We've watched as the duties entrusted to one person were delayed time and time again; we've spoken to those with whom that person did business and learned that in at least two instances, they were informed that "time is of no issue" in the acts they were employed to perform. The first command in the honoring of the position - that of "acting with speed and efficiency" was ignored.

We've watched as the physical things placed under the temporary control of this one person deteriorated for a lack of maintenance as the letter of part of the law was followed while the spirit of it was ignored. That which was already in need of repair deteriorated devaluing that in which others shared an interest as the words of those who placed their trust in this person were twisted for defense of allowing the deterioration. The second and third commands in the honoring of the position - that of "preserving" and "protecting" were ignored.

We can only hope that eyes are opened and things change in the future - because we have exhausted our attempts to protect, preserve, and expedite what someone else was "trusted" to protect, preserve, and expedite. We have come to terms with the loss that will be experienced in this situation - most importantly the loss of trust and the the loss of any real hope of a future relationship. We leave this in other hands knowing that all that could be done on our part has been done; those who failed to listen, to heed, and to act bear that responsibility now if they choose to finally open their eyes and their minds to the truth behind the manipulation and lies.

There is freedom in finally reaching the point where you can say "I've done what I can". There is a peace in letting go of the burden of "needing to do something". Laughter can once again become part of the equation when you've reached a point of "letting go" and letting the One who is the true Power behind the situation take over............

Yesterday morning, as we drove about doing our errands discussing the fact that we'd reached the point where we'd begun the act of letting go, we had the radio playing quietly in the background - David suddenly turned up the volume and with a little laugh asked if I'd heard "this song" yet...... as the chorus came we both began laughing because it perfectly described what we'd like to do in reaction to this situation......imperfect folks that we are....

This post temporarily hijacked by an Imp who likes to stir things up and then slip away - I fought the Imp, but the Imp won........

There hasn't been much laughter regarding the situation we found ourselves in the last 8 months - it has been a time of mourning not only the loss of a family member to death, but the death of any hope of a meaningful relationship with the rest of the family....it was a relief to laugh together as we listened to this song..........

And with that, resolving to pray in the proper way, we now get back to our regularly scheduled lives knowing we've done all we can do................

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