Monday, May 31, 2010

Well begun is half done.....

to quote Mary Poppins.......its a quote I use with my kiddos all the time. But, even though we always consider any job "well begun" it doesn't always turn out to be "half done"....or maybe it does and its just the second half that we have issues could just be that life in a 101 year old farmhouse with four dogs, two cats, eight chickens and four to five humans living here on and off requires constant upkeep (ask me and I'll tell you all about it).....and we do try to have a social life you know.

We emptied out the Harry Potter Cupboard under the Stairs on February 22nd 2010..that was the "well begun" part.....half done was probably week two (way back in March) and then got in the that I mean that D came home from college, our camping trip came sooner than we thought, our garden starts took more time and energy then we planned for, April and May were filled with end of the middle school years functions and....well, I already wrote got in the way.

The cupboard is painted and shelved, and the shelves are filled with various wonderful (and not so wonderful) things............but the floor hasn't been sanded and finished just yet. David and I got tired of staring at all the normally stored items spread out throughout the dining room and I got tired of not having sufficient storage in the kitchen (and with D coming home, that becomes a real issue with grocery shopping). So, we loaded it up and procrastinated finishing the job.

And so, we shut the door on our February 22nd - May 20th project (that was supposed to take 3 weeks or so~~~)..................

Next on the list (after we've caught up the yard work and completed the many May (done!) and June social commitments that fill up our calendar) is the office. We're insulating and laying new flooring over the sub-floor (it used to be the front porch years and years ago before eminent domain changed the side of the house to the front!) and we'll empty out that Harry Potter Cupboard then and get on that least that is the plan.........

Maybe this time "well begun" will actually be "half done"......doubt it.

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  1. It will all eventually get done or get easier to deal with. Have a good day. Blessings...Mary


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