Sunday, January 30, 2011

The State of Our House part two

There's a new table in the dining room and a bureau temporarily against the wall where the piano used to be; the guest room is painted and the bedroom suite is upstairs in the Master.......

There is still a spot in the living room where a chair should be.....but Papa's chair is coming "home". Members of Dallas' new church have been generously donating all sorts of things; things that include a recliner and a sofa and matching chair! So, I gently reminded him that since he really didn't need three chairs in that rather small living room there was a great big hole in ours that was perfect for that chair! And he agreed. We'll have to wait until we go to visit or he comes home, but its nice to know that chair with all its memories will be back here soon. (It's still Dallas' chair, we're "borrowing" it until he has room for it.)

As for the guest room - it needs a mattress set and nothing has been hung up on the walls as of yet. We decided to use some photography our friend John Binkley did for us a few years ago and we're waiting to get it all printed and framed and hung. We've chosen shots of the old barn and the ancient Ford tractor that hasn't been used in years along with a couple of other shots that John took for us. Other decor planned for the room includes some antique toy trains and various linens made by David's mother on her loom.

We found the "new" table on my birthday while we were actually looking for some bedside tables that would go with the "new" suite in the Master. Although we found several tables that would have worked, nothing really said "buy me" - mainly because I'm leaning toward using un-matching tables that will give us a "pieced together' look while David is thinking more traditionally.

After visiting several antique dealers in town, we stopped by at our favorite store "A Step Back In Time"; we always leave this one for last because 90% of the time, it is here that we will find exactly what we are looking for....even if we didn't know it until we saw it. Going in to look at tables for beside the bed, we found the perfect one for the dining room. We've shopped here for so long that the owners have become friends and they know that "scale" is the most important thing we have to think of when we buy something for this house. So when I mentioned that we would also be looking for a farm table in a few weeks and he simply said "go look in the back room" off I went and then David heard that "oooh" that means he's doomed.

Tucked away in that back room was the perfect table - scale just right, drop leafed, perfect color and not so valuable that four dogs, three cats and various visiting teenagers would make us nervous every time they were in the room. Despite the fact that our original idea was to put the farm table in the kitchen and move the current kitchen table into the dining room - this table was perfect for the little used dining room. While not being used for eating or serving, it is long and narrow with the leaves dropped... filling the room while not obstructing the traffic flow.

The dining room is actually a walk through room; you go through it to get to the living room. Unless the table is "just right" you have to walk around it. This table is "just right".

As is the norm around here, every project takes a bit longer than we planned and gets revised as we go along; the finishing touches always get put on hold as we focus on the other areas of our life in the country - from chickens to gardening to simply deciding that today the front porch is calling. Three weeks ago we were in chaos wondering how in the world we'd put this place back together; today I find that I can walk through all the rooms and see what they are to be in the near future.

So the update to the original post regarding the state of our house is this.... its getting there....and like that dining room table, it is close to being "just right"........I'll post some photos soon.

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