Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The State of Our House

There is a missing chair in the living room and until yesterday there was a table top filled with Christmas decorations that needed to be organized and packed away until next Christmas. Dallas took the chair with him to Georgia and to his new house.....

Papa's chair went with Dallas.......

There is no longer a table or piano in our dining room. And there is an 1890's bedroom suite temporarily in that room.

These two pieces are also now in Dallas' house
(note the "junk" on the piano - that was from the office renovation)

At first glance the kitchen looks like it looks 11 months of each year but don't look in the cabinets just yet (with all the holiday cooking and multiple dishwasher emptying by folks who don't live here, things were not always put back in their correct spots....reorganizing the cabinets is on the "to do list"). The table that had another group of Christmas decorations has been cleared........

The empty bedroom upstairs now holds all the Christmas stuff and awaits my getting up the energy to get up there and finally get it all packed and away. And then get to painting that room so that the furniture downstairs can be brought upstairs....

In my younger days, the fact that this house is in such a state of disorganization would have driven me crazy. Now, after living in this (almost) constant construction zone, I'm so used to furniture being in the wrong place; I'm so used to only seeming to achieve 2/3rds of any particular day's "to do list" that I roll just a bit easier through it all.

But, David and I are both ready for a break from all the construction and the accompanying disorganization; this year we've decided that we will not undertake even one major project in this house. After this bedroom is painted and furnished again, we will go shopping to replace the missing furniture and then spend this year finishing up the little details around the house that await our attention. Only one project even remotely resembles a major one and that is the gazebo - we'll roof it and screen it this spring....and then enjoy using it while we plan Next Years Major Projects.....

The gazebo project started several years ago but left unfinished -
this year, its the only project on the list.

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