Saturday, June 29, 2013

Catching up....

Back in January, our newly engaged daughter and her man let us know they wanted to have their wedding here at the farmhouse...and that she wanted to wear my dress!  Needless to say, we began making and revising our spring project list immediately.

First on the list was to make the bathroom downstairs presentable for 100 or so guests!  That poor bathroom has been on the project lists for each of the past 5 years but never seems to get any attention..that obviously had to change.  So in February, we did a quick makeover on it.  Check one item off the list.

Next was to finish up the long term Gazebo Project.  We actually began that project back in 2006, but like the bathroom, only parts of it were completed every year.  We knew that with a May wedding, it would need to be completely done to have a bug free zone for the catering.  So on went the Metal Roof.

And we began to work on the yard laying stone pathways and new sod. The first week of May was going to be spent finishing up all of these projects.  The screening and half walls were to go up on the Gazebo and the trailer filled with stone was parked where we normally parked our vehicles...everything was ready for the last push towards completion.....And then came the rain.

Three days of it.  Meteorologists were saying we had gotten three months of rain in those three days.  Our new paths were doing their job; we could see that we had a water free path to the back gate and to the shed and barn in an area that previously would have been under water.  

We also could see that our new patio, which had been laid to direct water away from the foundation of the farmhouse was propelling (no, I'm not misusing that term - the water flowed like a river) the rain water to the gazebo.  On Saturday afternoon, David was out in the rain beginning to put in a French Drain that would cause the water to go out into the ditch and away from our Well House and Gazebo.  

Nikki and her Fiance came for Pizza that night so that we could discuss last minute wedding plans; we only had 13 days left till the big day.  Was it all going to get done?  Would I have 4.5 hours worth of Music ready to go for the ceremony and reception?  Did we have a Sound System ready to go?  Enough chairs?  Enough tables?  Which songs would we be using for the special dances?  

Around 8 p.m., they headed home and I went back to work on the Playlists while David went upstair with a notepad and pen to write down everything that he still needed to do.....

And then......


  1. I enjoy your lovely pics and postings. Keep it up and have a blessed wknd.

  2. I enjoy your lovely pics and postings. Keep it up and have a blessed wknd.


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