Saturday, July 27, 2013


My Christmas gift this year was a new camera!  Since moving to Mac, I'd been videoing and photographing non-stop.  What I'd wanted to be able to do when the children were small  - film, edit and then actually watch the results,  I was able to do.  I'd video and then race to the laptop with the SD card and get it all into iMovie and go to town editing and adding music and photographs.  Camping trips and cruises and family get togethers were all making their way onto our T.V.!

There was one issue though. My old camera didn't do HD videoing; in fact, it didn't video very well at all. Normal movement of subjects - even in Sport mode - left a "vapor" trail.  Moving the camera during filming had to be done very slowly or you received the same result.

So, David bought me a new camera!  In addition to HD filming, it takes really beautiful stills as well.  I'm still learning how to use all of its functions to their best capability.  Dallas was home last week and he sat and played with it and helped me to move forward in that regard....the best thing he showed me?  That there is a "continuous shutter" function.

Trying to get a good photograph of a Black Lab is difficult.  Without the correct lighting, whatever photo is taken shows a completely black spot where their eyes and other facial features should be.  Profile shots are not too difficult to get, but a full frontal shot?  Nearly impossible without a really good camera and the best lighting.  In the past, we'd hired a photographer to get photos of our Black boys so that we'd have some good shots of them.

With our new little Black boy, even with my new camera, getting good photos was not easy.  But yesterday, I sat outside on our drain field as Angus explored the yard and played with Callie.  Using the continuous shutter trick, I was able to get quite a few good shots of's my favorite...
Using the continuous shutter trick, I just kept shooting.  Right before this shot, he'd been sitting quietly staring at Callie.  Suddenly, he began to run to attack her!  This would never have been caught if I'd been simply taking a regular photograph....!  And yes, this is the same sweet boy in the photograph above!  : ) 

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