Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Floridians love their AC more than their spouses!

So, this has been one of those years.  You might know the type.  Its the kind where every single good thing that happens is balanced by a bad one?  I'm talking about the kind of things that totally upend your world for a while.  Its the type of year where you have to keep on counting those blessings to stop yourself from having your head explode!  Things like oh, your house gets chosen to be used in a movie...then you get a tornado!  Your daughter gets engaged and the wedding is at your house...where you had that tornado 14 days before the wedding day!  A year with things like that happening!  How many more months are left in 2013?  Just sayin'!  Anyway......

It was David's weekend off so there were plans to get a lot of work done.  My sister was in town and we were having her and her kids and Mom for lunch.  Saturday morning started out really well; David and I got a few things done directly after morning coffee and then split off to do the individual thing...he went outside to finish up the Pump House (or Well House as I'm apt to call it!) while I vacuumed up dog and cat hair and dusted and all those other housewifely things you do when company is coming.

It's summertime so a lunch get together has to have potato salad.  So about 1 p.m. I got those taters peeled and boiling.  And had a hot flash.  Or so I thought.  I went to the AC thermostat and turned it down a degree...went back to the kitchen to start the next dish....still having that hot flash.  Went back to the thermostat and turned on the Fan...went back to the kitchen and back to work preparing for lunch.  About an hour later, my family walks in the kitchen...someone said something about the temperature of my kitchen.  Back to the thermostat I go....to see that it reads way hotter than the setting and that that fan I turned on wasn't on!

To make a long story short; we call our AC company to come see what is up with our 3 year old system.  

Its the Fan.  

A GE product.  

And GE and the AC company KNEW it was going to go out.  

Because they are all - one by one by one - going out on all the systems that contain that product.   

Did we get a recall notice like you do for your vehicle?  Nope.  They just wait for your system to fail to tell you that they are going to replace it for "free" right before they tell you how many hundreds of dollars it will cost to get that "free" fan!

Have they known for years that this fan was defective? Yep. 

Did ours go out on one of the hottest days of the summer here in Florida? You betcha.  Along with two others that our neighbors (well, they share our county) had put it in within the last few years!  (Our AC guy thought it would be helpful to let us that we were his THIRD call this weekend for the EXACT same issue with new systems they'd put in!)

Could they fix it there and then? Oh, no way!  They have to order the part and wait for it to be shipped to them and then we have to wait for them to come out and pull out the defective fan and put in the new one.....In Four Days.  Maybe.  But they sure needed that several hundred dollar check right then and there didn't they?

Lucky my head didn't explode!

Anyway, we did what any Floridian without AC does in the dog days of summer.  We headed for water!  And did some Angus training to boot!

Like I said....counting my blessings!  And waiting for the AC guy to call and tell me he'll be here with the fan this afternoon........

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