Thursday, July 18, 2013


Rehearsal Day 

Mystie and J.C. set up the chairs.  

The Dance Floor was ready. 

Mom and David began decorating the porch...

Other family began arriving and were quickly put on various tasks.  Dallas and Mystie familiarized themselves with both the sound system and the plans for the Ceremony and Reception.  Once they'd done that, they provided a bit of entertainment for the children as we finished it all up.

David and I, exhausted by the past 12 days of insurance claims and contractors, making the trees and lawn safe for 100 plus guests and handling most of the last minute details for the device, were operating on sheer adrenaline.  The sounds of laughter and music were wonderful things; this was going to be not only a celebration of marriage but one of triumph over adversity and a celebration of life itself.

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