Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We made it!

We'd spent Thursday night with our daughter and soon to be family decorating the fences, stringing lights and going over last minute plans.  

On Friday morning, David and Dallas headed up to get the Sound System while Mystie and I completed all the inside tasks for the arriving family while we waited for the delivery of the dance floor and the chairs.  That night, we'd have the rehearsal dinner!

As I prepared for the mad rush to come, I pondered all the little things that didn't get done; the Gazebo was 90% screened; the lights would go up but with a temporary rigging job rather than with the wiring hidden.  The half walls were supposed to have been painted white but would be the yellow of concrete board. 

The paving stone pathway that led from the front porch to the back patio had been badly damaged from the dragging of all the debris after the storm.  I was concerned that someone would twist an ankle, but there was no time left to relay those stones.   And the lawn was full of holes where limbs had gone straight into them driven deep by the wind.  The newly laid sod had been pushed a full six inches over the barn slab and there were now gaps between many of the individual pieces. 

We still didn't have shoes and slacks for David to wear with the shirt and tie that Nikki had gotten for him to wear.  

But we were out of time.  What didn't get done just would have to be ignored.

It was time to Party!  

We made it.

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