Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's that time again...


I always have mixed emotions when the farmers harvest the fields around us.  In the spring, I look forward to it while at the same time I know that the house will be filthy inside and out for a few weeks between the harvest and the re-planting. I know that when they re-plant, I'll soon have a six foot high privacy fence and I know that soon Hunter will be home for the summer.

Last spring, the farmers planted corn instead of the usual cover crop.  Some of it is feed corn and some of it we believe is for ethanol.  These farmers are all struggling to keep their farms going in this economy; a lot of them had switched to sod farming prior to the recession but with the housing market going south, they soon had to change direction.  Today, they have been harvesting that corn.

I know that the harvesting means that I lose my natural privacy fence and will once again have to deal with the dirt for awhile and that soon, Hunter will be returning to school.  But, I also know that it means that before too long, those potatoes will be planted and a sea of white flowers will be our view; and that the holiday season is coming!

We don't just deal with the dirt when the fields are harvested; snakes and other critters race out from the danger of the tractors to the safety of our yard.  We will have to mow and weed whack more frequently for a few weeks to avoid those snakes deciding to take up residence in our hedges.

It's all a part of living out here.  And I wouldn't trade it for subdivision living for any amount of money!

This is the first time Angus is experiencing the noise of several tractors harvesting all around our house.  

He's been running around the fences keeping an eye on all of the activity.  Can't wait to see him in the fall when they send out the Crop Duster's!

Fall 2012 - Crop Duster
What I couldn't get on film was the plane coming down on the other side of the house.  He flew up from the other side of the barn, over our house, and down just the other side of our's crazy!

Tidbit: Most of the tree cover you see in this is gone now.  Those are the trees that came down in the Tornado.  I should get some good video of it this year!

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