Friday, April 4, 2014

March Forward...

This time last year, we were planning a wedding.  Now we are still cleaning up and rebuilding after a tornado.  In between, we lost my Dad and found out that our beautiful Angus Demtrius (now 10 months) has Hip Dysplasia.  We've fought with our auto insurance company for seven months to get them to pay a debt to one of the contractors they hired to repair our tornado damaged vehicles. And we fought to keep the back 20 feet of our property from being "stolen" by the heirs of our Farmer Across the Street's estate.  We've had rebuilding delayed time and again by things outside of our control.  It has been one hell of a year.

Immediately after the tornado, rebuilding was something that was there in the back of our minds but recovering everything in the damaged sheds and finding temporary storage for it all was foremost.  During Gazebo time (we end the evenings in our hot tub in the Gazebo ; ) we'd discuss a plan that included building a new barn in the same footprint as the old sheds and slabs and leaving fencing and landscaping pretty much the same as it was before the storm.  In November, that plan was obviously not going to happen.  We had run smack dab into realizing that the seemingly friendly and neighborly relationship we'd had with our Farmer's son hid a passive aggressive agenda that would rock our world for the next four months.   It began almost the minute he had put both his parents into nursing homes and became the power behind that estate.

Due to the power of the Title Company who closed our purchase of this property and a few other God driven events, we won the fight over the land our well, parking area, and Gazebo all sit upon but it was not easy and it was not fun.

And so we move on with the plan to rebuild.  Totally different than our original plan but one that protects our interests. We move on knowing that evil can exist behind the sweet smile of your neighbor.  But that God still has the ultimate control of any situation you may find yourself in.

Marching forward….

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