Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Planting a Magnolia Tree….

One of David's co-workers overheard him talking to another about how time consuming the recovery process has been; he then said "the tornado is over, get over it".  You know that old saying "ignorance is bliss"?  That person had not been down here to see the damage; he had never been through a tornado before…his ignorance allowed him to say that to David and allowed him to walk away afterwards without realizing that David stood there biting his tongue. 

We are heading rapidly towards the one year anniversary of the storm that turned our little world upside down; although the "to do" list is a lot smaller than it used to be it is still somewhat overwhelming to us.  

I've written about how the exhilaration of using the Bobcat the first time wasn't experienced the second time we rented it.  That kind of let down is felt quite often around here.  You see, we will spend a three day weekend really pushing through and getting an almost unbelievable amount of work done only to sit down that night or the next morning looking it all over and realize how much more there is to do. 

The driveway is in - three truckloads of road grade dirt have been delivered and spread BUT, we have yet to build the front gate, the bulkhead, complete breaking up the slab, AND still have gravel rock to purchase and spread.  

The shed is moved to its temporarily permanent place (I know…I know…) BUT, we still have to replace that with a new building because it is barely holding together - a tarp is covering the gaping hole in it's roof for goodness sake. 

We won't be finished with all of it by May 4th.  There just isn't time to get it all done.  But at least we now can see the finished product taking real shape.  

And, there is now a Magnolia tree standing where there used to be a Holly tree.  Progress.

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