Saturday, March 29, 2014

Moving Dirt…again

Thursday night, three trucks full of road base dirt arrived for the driveway so we headed to town to rent the Bobcat for spreading it all out and to finish getting dirt and rock moved from our old parking areas to the new.   Three hours of working Thursday night (thanks to Daylight Savings Time!) and 8 hours on friday only to find that we could actually have used another load.   

Despite the upbeat nature of the video (making videos of the past 11 months have been therapeutic for me), the end of the day was actually a little bit of a downer.  After returning the Bobcat, we headed out to the back patio before dinner; I don't think either of us was prepared for the let down we would feel.  After our last "Bobcat Adventure", we were so exhilarated by the amount of work we'd accomplished I think we were partially blinded to the remaining chaos of our back yard.  I think both of us felt that that chaos would be less noticeable after the driveway had had it's base put down and we began to move the boats, RV and vehicles into their new parking areas.  

More than though; we've learned through the past 11 months to live without the old barn that was so much a part of our home; we no longer feel its loss so quite so badly each time we walk out the back door.  But, sitting down last night and looking in that direction once again brought it home how much the tornado changed our view and our landscaping.  Along with the beautiful old barn there were two ancient pecans; a fence lined with Confederate Jasmine, citrus trees and a large rose bush not to mention yards of green grass; all of these have been destroyed or moved in the rebuilding.  What we see is a path of brown strewn with the debris of constant construction.  

It is temporary.  We know that in our minds but every now and then, when exhaustion from looking at chaos and the hard work of getting it all done hits us hard, we are overwhelmed with sadness at what once was and will never be again.

After dinner, we headed back outside to walk around and discuss our next steps….let's just say for now that the old shed will be moving…again.  This time though just a shift of a couple of feet will do the trick….

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