Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Labs Lovin Life!

David refers to this place as "Doggy Disney World"...I mean what dog wouldn't love to live out here in the country?

Meet Murphy!

Photograph by

Meet Indie!

Meet Callie!

Photograph by

January 2008 - John Binkley, a photographer friend came by to spend the day snapping photos - he took the ones of Murphy and Callie above - we tried to get a perfect front porch photo of us, Hunter's friend Dylan, and the labs....and we sure had fun trying. The labs were so excited they just wouldn't sit for longer than a second or two.....we did get them there for about 10 seconds...but then Dylan threw the ball and off they ran! Oh well....these photos make for wonderful memories of how our life really is............

Trying to get the perfect shot:
Photography by

Still Trying:


The photographer snapping a good profile shot of Murphy, Callie and David:

Hunter giving up trying to get the perfect shot - I think this is my favorite of the day:

Our Departed Shanna! 1990 - 2004 - Now and forever Running Free

Photograph taken by Mary McLeod 1995

Signing Off From Doggy Disney World - Lab Lovin Lori!

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