Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soft Spots and Stars

When you live in a one hundred year old farmhouse, you become quite leary of soft spots.....and I just stepped in one....! No, don't panic for me...I knew this one was there.........

There have been three bathrooms in the life of this old farmhouse (since it's original outhouse days~) laundry room was the first one; when we moved in the 40 year old water heater sat in the remains of the concrete shower stall; that was followed by the addition of an upstairs bathroom - accomplished by the reconfiguring of the upstairs landing and then.......there was the "add-on" bathroom (1960'ish).

This downstairs bathroom and its various soft spots has a date with TNT.....well, it has a date with destruction I write this David is outside organizing the wood we've bought and the wood we have salvaged from the Master House and getting ready to begin the project. Once he's organized that and the new plumbing stuff we bought at the Depot, he'll get started on the first steps of this year's big project....the outdoor shower!

Yep, you read that outdoor shower....we had one at the old house for yard work days, beach days and just for those days when showering under the stars was appealing. Its one of the things we miss about our other place...but not for long......!

Things will be a mess around here for awhile....the upstairs bathroom is getting a new floor (the plywood is rotten from old plumbing leaks) and a tub enclosure doors (cuz shower curtains and an upstairs bathroom are not a good mix with kids), a pedastal sink and a new antique mirror and new sconce lighting......!

Downstairs.........well, think TNT....that room is going.....going.......soon to gone. And the plumbing will be of the sort that doesn't include the downstairs toilet flushing when the upstairs one is flushed...(that brought a few shivers until we figured out it wasn't a ghost, just a plumber who was a good roofer.....) We'll start from almost scratch with that one - adding a door to the outside (no more mud covered feet and muddy hands traipsing through the kitchen and dining room after gardening or ditch playing!) , new everything in this one.....not to include any soft spots......!!

So for those of you who've visited and been advised to "yell if you fall through"......soon, my friends....soon.....a safe floor, a lovely sink, a huge shower.......and salvaged beadboard from a now destroyed farmhouse just down the road! And for those "hippies" among us, if you stay the night you can choose to shower beneath the stars!

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