Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday April 21st 2008

Waiting for Olivia!

It's Hunter's spring break, my little brother's birthday and maybe little Olivia's birthday....if she decides today is the day she wants to make her appearance! I'm kind of feeling housebound today cuz I'm afraid if I go out, then the call will come to head to the hospital and the way things go in my family I'll be in the wrong town altogether or caught in traffic or........and I don't feel comfortable getting going on any of the numerous projects around the house (i.e. finishing up the paint job in Dallas' room) because if I get covered in paint, or mud, or whatever, then I'll have to take the time to shower again before jumping in the truck and heading into town......

So instead of taking Hunter to the beach (where a cell signal is "iffy", or to the park, where we'll both get dirty and sweaty) or painting, or gardening, or any other thing, I'm going through my computer and taking bits and pieces of the journaling I've done over the last four years and placing them here on this for those of you thinking "geez, that woman lives on her computer".....there's a good reason why I'm on it today.....I'm waiting for Olivia!

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