Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cans of squash, cans of green tomato chutney......

I've done it............I finally got the nerve up and got down to the canning (uhmmm, why do they call it "canning" when you use a jar?...just wondering!) far I've done some pickled squash and par boiled more squash for freezing. I'm about to cook up the first of the spaghetti squash from the garden and then I'm ready for the green tomato chutney.

After all the angst, it actually is not as hard as it might seem to can things.....although I'll have to qualify that by saying that I won't know until tomorrow whether or not my cans actually sealed correctly ( but if not, I now have a h-u-g-e refrigerator screaming "look at me -").

I might actually get a handle on this gardening and canning thing....I've been feeling guilty that I have taken to "accidentally" leaving a squash or two sitting on the back bench and then turning a blind eye when the dogs decide it's fun to play tug of war with the huge yellow things (they eat them when they're finished playing so those squash are not going to waste after all). And I'm sure David will be glad that in the future he won't have to take quite so many to work to try to get his co-workers to "take one, just take one......pleaaase!"

And now, I'm actually looking forward to the hundreds of cumquat's that grow out in the back.....I can make marmalade and jar it......and those lemons.....lemon curd will be wonderful.

Anyway, I'm off to find some more recipes for canning..........after all, the fall planting will be just around the corner!

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