Sunday, May 4, 2008

When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window..............

During our house search, I had it in my head I wanted no less then 2 acres of land ....I wanted chickens, pigs and horses......just like we'd had when I was a child....! By 2003, I knew that I'd either end up with a house with no land or land with no house and I was resigned to it.....then we found the Cracker House and I had hoped we'd actually get both....but God closed that door.

Within six weeks, He'd opened the window on this old farmhouse sitting on less than a half an acre but charming beyond description..and I peeked into that window with objections already forming in my mouth....only to in the end, see His hand in it and jump through that window and open the door to my family's life changing move to the country.

Looking back now, I remember the conversation with Allison that took place on December 1 2003 as she and I stood out back of this house discussing whether or not I wanted to buy it....I was a bit offended by the then 52 year old's words as she brought up our AGE (!) and how land might be too much work for us in a few years.....

Now that we've been here for four years, I can see her point....albeit somewhat grudgingly (after all, I am still young darn it)......I used to paint a child's room in one day....move out the furniture in the morning, mud, sand, paint two coats, and move back everything in time for the child to sleep in his/her own bed that night.....and do what I call "the daily's" which includes a quick dust bust, making of beds, wiping down all table top surfaces, .....and cook a full meal!

Today mark's day two of Hunter's room......yesterday I got 90% of the ceiling painted (ran out of paint~), one wall double coated and trimmed...and that was it....I dragged while cooking dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, playing a bit of ball with Hunter, picking squash from the garden inwardly moaning as every muscle in my body complained.....and then headed straight for the hot tub......and then I crashed on the couch!

I see Allison's point now........and I'm seriously glad that God closed the door on the Cracker House and its two acres and its need for a total restoration; I am seriously glad that I peeked through the window He opened for me on this old farmhouse sitting on its little 1/2 acre! I'm quite content watching the fields around me being worked and harvested by someone other then myself.....and as for chickens...well my younger friend Jaime has plenty of them, and our younger friend Chuck is setting up to grow hogs for us and himself up in Georgia, and as for horses....well there are lots of equestrian facilities around here when I can ride if I want to......and if I don't, well I can just sit and wait for rainbows!

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