Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 Cranes Collapse On Blount Island - Jacksonville News Story - WJXT Jacksonville

2 Cranes Collapse On Blount Island - Jacksonville News Story - WJXT Jacksonville

This story hit home for David and I because David used to work on those cranes; he was a Crane Technician for eleven years. I remember those years very clearly; they were years where I didn't watch t.v. during the times when David was at work. Those were years where friends knew NOT to call me if something happened out there.

It was dangerous work - work where everyone has to have their wits about them at all times. It was an act of faith every day to watch David walk out the door and believe he would return safely that evening.

Accidents did occur out there frequently....bad accidents. David and I both knew from experience that if something happened to an employee, the spouse was notified within a very short time of the event. Cars were sent to the home just like cars are sent to the homes of those whose family members serve in the military. It took only one phone call from a friend simply asking me "is David at work?" in a certain tone of voice for us to let family and friends know NOT to call me. That one phone call immediately alerted me to a disaster out there and I turned on the t.v. news and spent 15 minutes in hell until I realized that the incident was not one that had affected David. We knew that the calls from friends when something happened out there were just concern for us, but their concern could cause unnessecary panic in our home.

Thank God no one was hurt in yesterday's collapse of two cranes.....those cranes break loose only rarely in high winds, but it does happen. David took a "ride" once.....probably the closest he came to real harm in those eleven years (other then the time another employer took off a radiator cap before verifying that no one was close enough to get "sprayed" by the boiling fluids....which came straight out and hit David in the leg causing severe burns).

And I thank God that David no longer works out there and that I can know that he is as safe as he can be in this world in the job he now does.

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