Monday, August 18, 2008

Candle Making~

Earlier this summer I cautiously entered the world of canning the fruits of my labors (well the veggies anyway) and had moderate success. I enjoyed myself in the process so even though we had to eat it all up rather more rapidly then if the jars had actually was a rewarding experience.

Today, I'm venturing into the world of candle making.

This summer we've lost power on four different evenings and we've burned through a lot of candles in the process. Our supply was already dwindling from past adventures in surviving without lights and water (no electric, no well, no water!), including the five days in 2004 after Hurricane Francis tore through our area.

When the cypress limb in the power line left us without power for five hours two weeks ago, I suddenly realized just how dwindled our supply actually was....although I found lots of pillar candles (my kitchen table is covered with wickless pillars), I found only about four with wicks that would still support a flame! And guess what's forming down around the Keys? It was obviously time to do something about my candle supply.

In the past, I'd have simply run into town and bought a new bunch of candles, but my new greener self said "wait a minute...can't I recycle the wax and make my own?". I suddenly remembered that David's mother used to gather up the spent candles over the year and then spend a day making candles....if she could do it, then so could I! And so, into town I went and got the supplies needed to do the job; these included a pouring pot, a thermometer, some scent, a roll of wick and the little metal thingies that hold those in place.

The cost added up, but now I'm set to do this again and again.....and the way I burn through scented candles just because I can, I probably will do it quite often. And the way I figure it, I've been spending about $20.00 each on Yankee Candles so money to make and scent my own is money well spent. And, I plan on using the new, greener waxes as I run out of the candles over I'll myself be becoming greener! Always a good thing.

I have four candles made already, and after typing every other sentence, I'm running in to check the wax melting away in my double boiler! My kitchen is filled with the scent of vanilla at the moment and I'm in farmhouse heaven except for only one thing......I think I'll make this a winter craft in the future.....wax melting makes for a very hot kitchen.....even if it does smell heavenly.

P.S. Since I've a random thought process that influences my days and my writings, I've felt a bit restricted by the 70% Farmhouse DIY I've created a second blog for my off topic ramblings.....(and because I just can't figure out how to do the separate feed thingie just yet!).....

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