Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's happening in the bathroom?

The upstairs bathroom project is progressing; however, it is taking a bit longer than we anticipated...the lazy dog days of summer have intefered with the work....cookouts, beach trips, water park trips, go-carting and music at the pier have all taken precedence over the convenience of upstairs.. well... conveniences.

But progress is being made......

The new sink is purchased and fitted into the space although not yet plumbed in.

The new faucet has been set in and looked at...although not yet attached....the oval mirror has been held up to the wall and its place of prominence marked with a well as the sconces that will be going in as well.

We've made the decision to use the salvaged beaded board in this bathroom instead of in the delayed downstairs bathroom project......we've decided that we'll use open shelving above the comode for hand towels and other items of daily use.....we'll use the salvaged window trim around the little window...removing the marble sill (yeah!).

Now if we can just decide on a color for this little room....I really would like to use an autumn color in this bathroom....maybe a green or pumpkin color...suggestions anyone?


  1. Pumpkin is all the rage these days and after all it's just paint (easy to change) and should be about a gallon & a half-if you don't prime! I vote for pumpkin!

  2. Yeah! Confirmation for my idea! I'm going for it....if it doesn't work, you are exactly right...and I like to paint!


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