Monday, August 11, 2008

The Endless List

As I do my morning chores, I keep a mental list of what each of the rooms is in need of....and every now and then I get frustrated, because it is endless. We've used up most of our stash of candles during power outages so I need to replennish those; the coffee pot is on its last legs; the sheet I'm using for a slipcover on the $5.00 pink chair in my office needs to be replaced with a real slipcover.....

We're a single income family and have been for most of our married life and so everything must be budgeted before it can be purchased...there is very little impulse buying around here. I've written before of our "Necessity or Luxury" list as regards projects for the house, but there is also the same kind of list in my head for the accessory pieces that each room needs.

The most glaring "need" at the moment would be the bare floor in the Master Bedroom. That room contains the only floor that has yet to be restored....varnish appears and disappears as your eyes roam over the space. Restoring that floor is a bit down the project list and at the moment 3 runners are the only floor covering. And it isn't working at all. The four fur-kids (the canine ones) eventually end up in there with us most nights even if they begin the night in one of the children's rooms. And my pretty little runners are showing the wear and tear of dog claws. David and I are catching our toes in the snagged ends of these things and it is obviously time to think up a new use for them, like maybe in the eaves to cover the bare wood there.

Besides the danger of one of us catching our toes and not catching ourselves before we hit the floor is the temperature factor.....and perhaps it is the vanished cover crop that brought this whole thing to the forefront of my endless mental "we need" list. Removal of the cover crop is the signal of the end of summer ....and although there are months of high temperatures yet to come, eventually the colder nights of November through April will arrive. And if we don't do something about it before then, we'll not only be tripping over those runners in our slippers, but we'll be shivering as we do it.

We should never have removed the carpet in that room that the previous owners had put in; we should have known that carpet signaled a lack of insulation in the flooring - the room is directly above the open front porch. If the state of the blown in insulation in the attic was any indication, then they either did not blow insulation under the master bedroom flooring or had so little blown in that it was a pointless endeavor. When it comes time to tackle that room, we'll see just what the truth is...but we already have a pretty good idea each winter.

We've been talking of buying a large rug for that room since last January (when we were shivering from the cold) and here it is mid August and we've still not done it...the state of the runners though and the approaching cold months have moved it up the endless mental to get it in the budget....I can only be thankfull that gas prices are coming down a bit...leaves me a bit more room to get this done........

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