Friday, August 22, 2008

Feeling Faye....

That's not a pond....that is the area that lies just in front of the Old Barn....

That's not a pond either ...that is the Old Farmer Across the Street's second driveway.

That's not a bush or a small tree - that is a limb that was so waterlogged
from our summer rains that it snapped like a toothpick around 9 a.m. thursday morning. Note how there is very little water......

This photo was shot this morning about 11 a.m. from Hunter's game room window upstairs...that's the same limb but now its surrounded by standing water.

The irrigation ditch across the street.....Friday 11 a.m.

Faye's stubborn. She just won't leave us alone. Our little Farmhouse started to feel the effects about 5 p.m. on Wednesday. By around 4 a.m. on Thursday, the winds were strong enough to make David get Hunter out of his bedroom and into ours, while he went downstairs to keep watch.

The Master cleaning house....that's a dead tree limb
that came out of the top of the trees about 10 a.m. on thursday morning.

Slightly different angle taken at 11 a.m. friday - the ditches are now full

And although the tourist town that lies just south of us was technically in the eye of the storm for most of thursday, we were just outside of it and were hit by the winds and rains of a stalled tropical storm the entire day.

Taken about 2 p.m. on thursday....

taken at 11 a.m. friday

We're among the lucky ones because although we lost power for about 4 hours early on Thursay, we've still got power this Friday a.m....but we've been experiencing surges most of this friday morning and could still be in the dark ages if this storm doesn't get on out of here soon.

Dallas cooking breakfast on the Coleman Thursday a.m.

But even in the midst of the storm....the Martins fly above the fields catching the mosquitos that surround us.....and one of them, taking a break from the heavy winds, landed just outside our mudroom window. David shot this photograph about 6 p.m. on Thursday evening...

For more about Faye...please see More From the 1909 Farmhouse


  1. So impressed with your blogging, Lori! We're headed to the cabin, but next week I'll be back to catch up and read into your second blog. You really do a fantastic job. I'm not in hurricane teritory, but I still have a "Y2K' streak in me and I like hearing of your preparedness and checklists. Hope your weather weekend only improves. We've got drizzle and winds up here.

  2. Enjoy your break.....and stay safe..


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